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Contact Lenses

Dr. Born has worked with hundreds of patients with high astigmatism, severe dry eye, as well as presbyopic patients who wish to utilize contact lenses for far and near.  Her vast experience with contact lenses has allowed her to provide clear, comfortable, vision for those looking for other options besides glasses. Dr. Born will provide you with the healthiest and safest contact lenses available.


​An ocular infection can be very scary and serious. It is extremely important that you see an eye doctor, to receive the correct treatment as early as possible to avoid any loss of vision. Please avoid the ER, primary care, and urgent cares. Dr. Deanna Born will check the health of your eye using a specialized microscope called a Slit Lamp, that can detect numerous ocular health issues that cannot be seen otherwise.


A comprehensive eye examination can be life saving.  Obtaining your prescription is 10% of what an eye exam entails.  Dr. Born evaluates your entire visual system, the connection between your eyes and brain, as well as any systemic illnesses you have that may be affecting your eyes. Many hidden systemic diseases can be caught early through an eye examination, from Diabetes, Lupus, Aneurysms, Colon Cancer, to Brain Tumors. You can feel confident in receiving the highest quality eye care during your comprehensive annual exam.  Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Virtual Tele-Med Visit

You can easily request a virtual consultation with Dr. Born through our portal, if you have any questions or a concern about your vision and/or ocular health. Dr. Born will send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy.

Click Here to Request A Virtual Visit!

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